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By Casey Malley

Summer 2020 may cause for a change in summer plans, but there are still ways for your children to enjoy their time off school, instead of laying on the couch all day complaining that they are bored and that there is nothing to do.

Here is a list of 10 different options to do with your kids, while proactively social distancing from others!

1. Virtual Summer Camps!

As summer is a time to go visit different zoos, museums and aquariums are a fun place to learn about the world around us, many are offering virtual camps and tours to keep your young ones curious about the world around them.

Check out this USA Today article below and Jamestown Settlement’s website to see what children museums are offering online programs!
Check out Birch Aquarium’s website to enroll your children in its online summer camp!

2. Camping!

As some areas start to open up for the summer, this is a perfect time to take your kids camping. Camping is not only a great time to spend quality time together, it is also a great time to teach your young ones some useful tips of survival. Teaching young ones how to build fires, make a tent, fish, or even make a meal over the flame, it is a fun and interactive time spent with nature.
Even if you are not the most outdoorsy type of people, camping can also be a blast in your backyard! Setting up a tent, making hotdogs over a fire and enjoying s’mores, catching lightning bugs, playing different campfire songs and games and much more, this can be a time to have the whole family be outside and enjoy each other’s company. Even if you’re just in your backyard, there is just something different than sleeping on a sleeping bag compared to one’s bed- as it can create stories for years to come.

3. Pool closed? No problem!

As pools seem to not be opening up this summer, there are still fun ways to cool off from the hot sun. Make or buy a slip-and-slide, as this can be the hit of the summer.
Or go to the local store and buy a sprinkler, where it can have your kids running around for hours.
Water balloon fights are always a fan favorite, as this is a fun way to release some steam from being locked up at home for months 🙂

4. Sign Up for your local library Summer Reading Program!

Many different schools and districts are offering reading programs, to get its students engaged with each other and to keep their minds working. The link below takes you to Kentucky’s summer reading programs, along with the reminders of the importance of reading.

5. Wild Safari Drive Thru!

Looking for a little bit of a road trip to the safari? Stay in your car, and watch and feed all of the exotic animals.

6. Biking

This is a perfect time to teach your kids how to bike, and if they already do, this summer is a great way to enjoy time together and take some rides along different trials throughout Kentucky. Not only is this a fun activity for everyone to do, it is also a great way to stay active during the summer, as biking is a great workout.

7. Drive- In Movie Theaters!

As the weather is starting to get warmer consistently, enjoy time in your car, socially distant from others, by enjoying new films coming out this summer at a Drive- In Movie Theater. Put all the seats down in the car and lay in the trunk of your car with blankets or bring lawn chairs and blankets to set up outside your car to enjoy the film!

8. Become a Scientist!

Dedicate one day of each week to experimenting different science experiments. This is not only fun, but teaches your kids problem- solving issues, while doing hands on activities.

Some examples can be making volcanoes, slime, homemade ice cream, view the different density of liquids, make a balloon blow up with yeast, and so much more!

9. Master the Kitchen!

Try new recipes in the kitchen. Have each person in the family find a recipe and have them be in charge of cooking it for everyone (help the kids out, obviously). This can be a great way to venture out people’s appetite and change the family’s eating habits!
Buy a cookie kit from a local bakery to not only enjoy tasty desserts, but support local restaurants! The link below has some examples of cookie kits mainly in Louisville, but outside of the Louisville area!

10. Make a garden!

Make a garden in your yard, and teach your children the responsibilities of taking care of the plants. Teach them how to weed out an area for the soil, how to properly plant each plant, how to make sure no animals get into the plants, and some basics of yard work. Don’t be afraid to get our hands dirty.
You can also make a birdhouse and put it out by the garden, along with a bird feeder, to bring nature into your yard, and see all the different kinds of birds that come into your yard.

If you want to share your kids’ activities with us, please post on social media with #MHAKY or send photos to Feel free to email us with YOUR tips and tricks.

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