2024 System Of Care Academy Virtual Event

2024 System Of Care Academy

Virtual Exhibitor Opportunity

The System of Care (SOC) Academy is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the theme Celebrating our System of Care: Past, Present & Future, and we have an opportunity for you to broadly share information about your agency! Diane.Gruen-Kidd@ky.gov is the point of contact for all questions and emails expressing interest in participating. You may reach out to her directly.

The Dinner Table Project

The Dinner Table Project

An evidence-informed statewide project for families of elementary age children based on research showing that children of families who share meals are less likely to try drugs and alcohol, have better academic performance, higher self-esteem, a greater sense of resilience, lower risk of teen pregnancy, lower risk of depression, lower rates of obesity, and a lower likelihood of developing an eating disorder.* The program focuses on the protective factor of sharing distraction-free meals and conversations with adult caregivers. Meals Unplugged boxes are provided to store smart phones during meals. Monthly newsletters contain conversation starters, table games, recipes, and information about protective factors for substance use and other risky behaviors. Table Talks is an extension of the Dinner Table Project that encourages families to continue having meaningful conversations with their teenagers. The quarterly Table Talks newsletter also contains conversation starters, recipes, and protective factors.

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