MHA KY Valentine's Day Project

What do I do?

Check out graphic options A, B, and C below. Complete the “Contact” box and select which image you’d like your message to be printed on. Click “Submit.”


From there, we’ll take care of matching the messages with each image, printing and distributing to the hospitals.


There’s no limit to the number of them you send, but we appreciate donations to help with printing & postage!


Do not address a specific patient! These are for general distribution to all inpatients, not someone specific.


*Your personal information will NOT be shared with patients, hospitals or other organizations.  MHA Kentucky will not keep your information without your express permission. Messages with inappropriate content will not be shared. Some messages may be altered to fit printed space.




mha ky valentines project


mha ky valentines project

Valentine’s Day Project 2022

Complete an anonymous valentine to a patient in one of Kentucky’s state mental health hospitals.*. ​Donations of $5 per valentine are appreciated, but not required.

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Mental Illnesses are brain-based conditions that affect thinking, emotions, and behaviors. Since we all have brains – having some kind of mental health problem during your life is really common. No matter what kind of mental health problem someone is facing, it is always possible to get better. If you think you’re experiencing a mental illness, try to find any kind of support earlier than later. Like other illness, treating mental illnesses early can help you get better faster.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you! We are available via phone, text, and email most weekdays. Please call 859.684.7778 or email if you have urgent questions that are not covered here at this time!

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