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``All the Feels`` Back to School Toolkits

``Facing Fears, Supporting Students`` Back to School Toolkits

In 2021, the theme is “Facing Fears, Supporting Students” because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The greater discussions on trauma and abuse go above and beyond the pandemic as well.

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“All the feels”

Back to School Mental Health Toolkits

Back to School Toolkits released by MHA National every autumn in anticipation of the start of the new school year provide free resources, tools, tips, and information on early identification themes and Before Stage 4 messaging.  In 2022, the theme is “All the Feels”. Youth Mental Health concerns have reached national attention, and these materials are designed to help in a time of need.


Click on a topic to the left and see a PDF with information, our contact information, etc.  If you’d like to order printed copies of the any toolkit worksheet, a grant from SAMHSA and the Kentucky Dept of Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities (DBHDID) has provided us with funding to get them to you (within reason). See the button below for the order form.

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Mental Illnesses are brain-based conditions that affect thinking, emotions, and behaviors. Since we all have brains – having some kind of mental health problem during your life is really common. No matter what kind of mental health problem someone is facing, it is always possible to get better. If you think you’re experiencing a mental illness, try to find any kind of support earlier than later. Like other illness, treating mental illnesses early can help you get better faster.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you! We are available via phone, text, and email most weekdays. Please call 859.684.7778 or email if you have urgent questions that are not covered here at this time!

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