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As a current college student, I know how difficult it can be to put your needs first. It can be hard being away from your friends and family back home, your overwhelming course load might be causing an unbearable amount of stress, and sometimes you just need someone to listen to you. It is important to remember your physical health is just as important as your mental health. You would be surprised to see how many free easily accessible resources can be found at your college.

Here is a list of resources that can be found at some Kentucky colleges!

1. The University of Kentucky: Full-time students at UK have free access to resources that are already included in the price of tuition fees.

-If you are feeling stressed you can visit the relaxation room located at Frazee hall. Different resources you will find there include biofeedback equipment, meditation and mindfulness activities, light therapy, imagination, and art therapy, wildcat wellness programs, and much more!

Other free resources at UK:
-Crisis and Emergency Assistance (Call (859 )257-8701 to speak with a mental health clinician)
-UK Behavioral Self Services: Evaluate, diagnose, and treat new or existing psychological conditions.
-Nutrition Counseling: Provides steps and ways to deal with medical conditions or eating disorders.
-Health and Wellness Coach: Helps students plan and achieve different health goals.
-Stressbusters Wellness Apps: Provides different techniques and activities to help manage stress.
-Wellbeing Workshops: Different workshops located at Frazee Hall to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle.
-Group Counseling: A great way to talk with and support others who are dealing with similar issues as you.
-Individual Therapy: Talk one on one with a counselor on any issues you are facing.
-Mental Health Screenings: Screening is anonymous and can be taken online for feedback on many different mental health disorders.
-LGBTQ center: Provides information, support, and resources related to different sexual orientations and gender identities.
-Sister Circle: Allows women of color to support and communicate with each other while further developing leadership, social, and cultural skills.

For more information on these resources and other resources not mentioned above please visit:

2. Eastern Kentucky University: Current EKU students have free access to short term psychotherapy and other psychological services.

Free resources at EKU:
-EKU Counseling Center (Call (859) 622-1303)
-Group Therapy: Students can meet in groups to talk about their experiences and offer support to others.
-Individual Therapy: Discuss methods to cope with stress, treatment for anxiety, depression, and any other disorders.
-Couples Therapy: If both partners go to EKU, they can go to the couple’s therapy and discuss any concerns.
-Zone of Wellness: Consists of many different workshops that promote physical and emotional wellness among students.
-Referral Form: If you are concerned about a friend’s wellbeing, you can fill out an online referral form to help assist them in getting the help they need.
-Feel Better Fast: Consists of many different workshops focusing on coping strategies for different struggles.

For more information on these resources and other resources not mentioned above please visit:

3. University of Louisville: Current students at UofL have free access to campus health services including confidential psychiatric services.

Free resources at UofL:
-Psychiatric Evaluations: Discuss new or old mental health issues with a counselor. (Call (502) 852-6479 to schedule an appointment)
-Group Workshops: Series of different workshops students can choose to participate in based on their related experiences.
-Self-Care Worksheet: Helps with addressing issues and planning self-care techniques to achieve goals.
-Tips for Handling Stress: A page of different tips can be found under Resources on the UofL counseling page.
-Emotional Support Animals: ESA requests are made by your therapist.
-Referring Students in Distress: Signs and symptoms of students in distress can be found under Resources on the UofL counseling pages. If you notice a fellow student is in distress, information on how to refer your friend to the counseling center can also be found there.

For more information on these resources and other resources not mentioned above please visit:

4. Morehead State University: All registered students at MSU have free access to counseling services and other emergency crisis options.

Free resources MSU:
-Counseling (Call (606) 783-2123 to make an appointment): Discuss different mental health issues or any other problems you are facing.
-Psychotherapy: Talk out strategies to improve your wellbeing.
-Online Mental Health Screening: Anonymous screening to help determine any misdiagnosed or undiagnosed mental health issues.
-Tips for Mental Health Promotion During Pandemic: Great way to remember many different things you should be doing to acknowledge your own wellbeing during this time.
-Recreation and Wellness: Different activities provided to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

For more information on these resources and other resources not mentioned above please visit:

5. Western Kentucky University: WKU offers free healthcare services to students.

Free Resources at WKU:
-Counseling (Call (270) 745-3159 to make an appointment): Discuss different problems or mental health issues you are facing with a counselor.
-Group Counseling: A list of outreach topics is provided under the counseling webpage. Students will be able to meet in groups and discuss their different experiences, providing support for each other.
-Clinical Testing: Different assessments to determine cognitive/symptom measurements, substance abuse inventories, and personality measurements.
-WellU: A great way for students to be involved and develop healthy habits and lifestyles.

For more information on these resources and other resources not mentioned above please visit:

6. Asbury University offers mostly free counseling services for students.

-Call (859) 858-3511, x2277 to speak with an on-call counselor.
-Individual Counseling: One on one discussion about concerns that may include, other relationships, anxiety, stress management, and any other mental health issues.
-Couples Counseling: This is encouraged for couples at any stage in their relationship. This is great for communicating with your significant other, dealing with conflict resolutions, determining life goals, and much more.
-Conflict Meditation: Professionally trained counselors meet with you to help you develop conflict resolution skills and skills that will help you further advocate for yourself when needed.
-Crisis Counseling: Counselors will do their best to meet with students requiring immediate counseling.
-Self-Help Library: Access books and other virtual pamphlets on helpful topics.
-Stress Reduction Exercises: Many recordings can be found and listened to help with mindfulness.
-Self-Evaluator: Take mental health screenings that can help identify underlying issues you might be dealing within your life.

For more information on these resources and other resources not mentioned above please visit:

7. Bellarmine University: Counseling at Bellarmine is free including confidential mental health services for all enrolled students.

-Call (502) 272-8480 for the counseling center.
-Mental Health Screenings: Anonymous mental health screenings assess if you may be experiencing symptoms associated with mental health issues.
-Online Workshops: Online workshops are provided in the summer over various mental health topics. Access to online modules to help cope with different issues can be found on their website as well.
-Group Therapy: Meeting with a group of people can offer support from peers, further develop skills, receive feedback, and enhance social skills.
-Understanding Important Issues: Information and signs eating disorders, alcohol/drugs, and sexual assault can be found on their website.

For more information on these resources and other resources not mentioned above please visit:

8. Campbellsville University offers free, confidential, and professional counseling for students.
To schedule an appointment call (270) 789-5070 or (270) 789-5005

Other free resources include:
-Mental Health Screenings
-Coping Skills and Methods
-Mental Health Awareness Seminars
-Group Counseling
-Referral Services if you’re concerned about others
-Educational Information

For more information on these resources and other resources not mentioned above please visit:

If your college was not included and would like it to be, please let us know. If you have any other questions or concerns reach out to us at 859-684-7778.

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