Quilts for Mental Health


Being admitted to a hospital is an anxious time.

Everyone struggles with the uncertanties, the tests, the questions, the food, and the uncomfortable bed. Psychiatric patients are no different;  however, often times these individuals are admitted under a veil of secrecy, fear and stigma. No one knows they’re in the hospital. No one knows they need support and a hug. Mental Health America of Kentucky wants to change that. We are starting an innovative project around that necessary hug. We are collecting quilts to donate to individuals admitted to psychiatric hospitals. If you can’t make a quilt, or donate actual supplies, we’ve got you covered – pun intended. We will buy the fabric, thread and batting. It costs us approximately $50.00 to make a new quilt. Every quilt requires needle, thread, fabric and batting.

If you are unable to make a financial contribution, but would like to provide us with clean, unused 100% cotton fabric, batting, or thread, please contact us and we will make arrangements.

Visit our Go Fund Me for more information on how you can help.