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Mental Health Month is in its 70th year!

In 2019 we are expanding upon last year’s theme of #4Mind4Body and taking it to the next level.

Animal Companionship (including pets and support animals), Spirituality, Humor, Work-Life Balance, Recreation and Social Connections are all ways to boost mental health and general wellness for everyone.

Click on the above topics to download versions of the toolkit with our statewide information.

Click here for the complete toolkit from MHA.

Contact us at mhaky@mhaky.org to invite us to present on any of these or other mental health topics at your organization, on tv, radio, podcasts, in newspapers, or other places we haven’t yet imagined.

Mental Health Screenings

Mental health screenings are valid, tested screenings we’ve put online for your easy access. Take the test, get self-help related to your answers, and connect with professionals if you need extra help. Click here to see our available screenings.

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