What is Substance Misuse/Addiction?


What is Substance Misuse/Addiction?

Substance misuse and addiction, also known as dependence syndrome, is a mental health disorder that affects an estimated 25 million Americans. It is classified as a mental health disorder due to the progressive psychological deterioration that comes from misuse of and addiction to alcohol and recreational drugs.

Regular use of alcohol and recreational drugs is not necessarily misuse and addiction. The difference between regular use and misuse/addiction is found in the serious negative impact on quality of life.

Signs of misuse and addiction include continuous use even while experiencing negative side effects, finding it difficult or impossible to quit, drinking or using drugs to feel “normal”, an increase in use to continue to get a “good feeling”, continuing to use even when it interferes with school, work, or relationships, and feeling sick with symptoms including trembling, hallucinations, sweating and high blood pressure when you stop using.

If you believe that you or a loved one may have an issue with substance misuse and/or addiction please take this free, anonymous, online screening.

For more information about addiction visit MHA’s website.